Monday, February 10, 2014

Side note

The French honeymooners Guillaume and Laure from Paris

Their HONDA Africa Twin:
I partly understand why they chose this moped, but I have to talk to them when they are here.
They normally ride BMW in Paris!!!

The honeymooners Guillaume and Laure going around the world, now in Cambodia.

Guillaume just emailed me. 

He and his wife Laure from Paris, France, are just behind me a few hundred kilometers. They should be coming to Phnom Penh soon while taking the exact same route as I did, only for the last few thousand kilometers of course, since they are on a tour around the world on their honeymoon! 

Fantastic! I like it!

I hope to see them here in the city soon! It would be great!

I already advised them on the "entertainment value" of National Cambodian Highway 7/6a from Kratie to Phnom Penh! 

They ride "2 up", that will be a challenge. I only had to keep myself up on the bike without kissing the dirt!

On the other hand, they crossed Mongolia, India and the Andes in South America, what could be more challenging! They will do fine.

Check it out:

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