Tuesday, March 4, 2014

24. Last impressions from Phnom Penh

My time here in Cambodia comes to a close. Here are some last impressions of the street life in the city which some travel guide called in a recent publication a "sleepy metropolis". Well, the folks who bought the book will be in for a surprise. 

I had a great time travelling in this country. Despite the difficult political situation, the lack of a good road system, the lack of other important infrastructure such as medical care (and the lack of availability of tires for my motorcycle!), my time here was filled with the enjoyment of great landscape, the beautiful, mighty Mekhong river (The 'battery' of Asia!), a great French architecture heritage and the amazing Khmer temples, conservative, shy, yet very friendly local people who always wanted to help (not as xenophobic as the Thais!), and some new Western friends whose work here in the country I admire. 

I will be back soon.

Defunct ASEAN Universitry. I don't think I will apply for a teaching position here.

Teachers and students in a private school.

The Durian vendor.

It is not the newest model, but a Rolls is a Rolls. Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF) at O'Roussey market.

"Professeur agrege."

Sisowath Quai and Tonle Sap river.

An old lady invited me to sit with her and her two kitties for a moment. She 'lives' in a 2.00 m x 0.60 m covered area at the gates of Wat Ounalom, Preah Ang Eng St. 

Let me just load this 200 lbs. bag of gourds and then we are ready to go!

Ground clearance is still OK.
Travelling with such an overloaded vehicle on SMOOTH roads would be already a challenge. Now  add in the deep potholes and rocks. 

Western style toilets are still uncommon. Most toilets in the country style are old French.

Two girls at the KIZUNA Festival at the Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC) at the Royal University Phnom Penh. All dressed up "Japan-style".

Cool hat.

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