Tuesday, October 22, 2013

3. Bangkok, Thailand

It's pretty warm here

I am currently somewhat stuck here since I am waiting for the arrival of the motorcycle. But this city is not a bad place to get stuck at all. Although it is incredibly hot. Public transportation is very efficient but entirely crowded all the time. The so-called 'Skytrain' is my favorite (Designed by Porsche, no less!), the subway are splendid. I haven't used the non-air conditioned urban busses yet.

The traffic jam's are almost 24/7, except on the day of my arrival when the cab driver didn't even had to use the toll roads from the airport to downtown. But that was on a Sunday, at midnight.

MRT, the Bangkok subway, very new, very nice

So today I explored Chinatown. Some impressions are below. Have fun!

CAUTION to the readers of this blog:
In case you intend to waste your valuable time reading this blog until my return to the US in March 2014, I like to apologize to you in advance that there will be a significant amount of jpg.-data attributed to three subjects:

  • Motorcycles
  • Food
  • Cats

If you are not interested at all in any such topics this blog may be not for you.

It's also very likely that I won't have that much time to tend to the blog when I am on the road. WiFi may also be an issue. We will see. But for now: Enjoy.

Thais are either currently eating or thinking about what to eat next, it seems.

Chinese potions, lotions and an old telephone.
Fabric shop in Chinatown

Delicious fresh Pomegranate juice.

Oh yes, eating delicious food all day and staying slim, how can that be achieved? Here are "Hamburger" diet pills. Hmm, Interesting.
More possibilities and helpers to stay thin.
Bangkok was once called "Venice of the East". Today most canals are filled in, unfortunately.  If you look close at the bamboo poles in the front of the picture...
---you may see an alligator taking a nap. Maybe some family's pet.
Nap time also for the Tuk-tuk driver.

Cat just waking up from nap.

Royal Thai Navy taking the bus to Rayong to board their ship.

Today government paid hair stylists offered free haircuts at the Hualomphong train station.

Waiting for the trains.

Delicious food everywhere.

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  1. the new small nikon seems to be doing fine, what model is it?. BTW #17 not a gator > looks like an adolescent kimono dragon or a close relative.