Friday, October 25, 2013

5. The ship came in

The container vessel "OOCL Luxembourg", sailing under the flag of Hong Kong, China, and named after the cozy European capital just 60 miles north of where I was born, has arrived in Laemg Chabang, the big container harbor south of Bangkok, Gulf of Thailand. 

This morning I visited the downtown offices of Vanguard International, the shipping company, to pay the D/O fees ($150) and to get the proper paperwork.

Here are some specs of the ship:

Gross Tonnage: 8,9097 tons
DeadWeight: 99,654
Length x Breadth: 322.97m x 43.00m
Year Built: 2010

Container ship OOCL Luxembourg (China)

There is an interesting website which allows the live tracking of ships currently sailing the oceans. The site shows Laemg Chabang as a port for "OOCL Luxembourg", and was updated 5 minutes ago.

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