Monday, October 28, 2013

7. Bangkok food kaleidoscope.

Deep inside I know that somewhere on a dusty, unpaved road in the Golden Triangle (Thai: สามเหลี่ยมทอง) between Burma, Thailand and Laos  I will be riding the motorcycle contemplating what delicious food I could have, if I only had stayed in Bangkok. 

I am sure. 

Charcoal grilled prawns, and big ones, too! 10 a.m. Delicious!

Aah, yes, the HARIBO gummy bears!

The nightly peanut seller.

Or fried, crispy scorpions, anyone?
(This is actually a photo taken by Andrew from the UK, who I met a few days ago with his lovely wife. We are sometimes sitting together for a few beers.)

But the truth is am I getting antsy to leave the city.

With some additional images in regards to beauty, looks and the clinics and tools which provide the respective services, I say good bye! to Bangkok!

"Find Ways: All ways be beauty!"
The new phone has a "self-shooting" feature which only takes beautiful pictures of oneself.

The full program.
Good bye!

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