Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cambodian Christmas Service at the Church of Love, Phnom Penh

Christian church in Phnom Penh

Today is Sunday and we are going to attend a Cambodian Christmas celebration and church service.
If church would be like that where I live, or at my summer retreat in Germany for that matter, I probably would go and attend every Sunday!

Cambodian people are in general the friendliest and most warm people imaginable, but here the vibe was even better. There was a lot of singing, dancing, praying, all very cheerful and delightful. Since selfies were actually invented in Cambodia the performances by the young, and older, dancers and singers were recorded on the newest versions of the Samsung Galaxy smart phone, nobody is bothered by me taking pictures, people are coming and going, and the meal preparations outside for the after-church feast are underway.

The Christmas service lasted from 9:00 a.m. to noon, with the usually socializing afterwards it is a 4+ our event. Very memorable.

The girl who watched to many Grumpy Cat videos on YouTube

Sunday afternoons, however, are made not for church, they are reserved for work on motorcycles, and that’s what we planned to do.

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