Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tonle Bati Lake

Tonle Bati Lake is a very pleasant retreat for local Khmer folks; here they can escape the city fumes and noise and hang out in one of the little bamboo shacks which are built into the water. 

They are furnished with hammocks, mats and owned by a local family which rents them out. They bring you food and drinks as well. 

There is absolutely nothing to do except to watch the floating islands of water lilies and others species slowly float by, and the odd fisherman in his soundless canoe paddle by without making a wave or sound. It is fabulous.

Dara, the daughter of the owner of the hut.

Dara keeps the floating islands away from the hut.

I hang out in the hammock for three hours, Dara, the girl who rents me the hut, brings me two cokes, I invite her to one; she tells me of her family, that she doesn't like Khmer boys, about her sister and the English classes she takes; when I fall asleep she sneaks out without making a sound.

After a relaxing time I continue the ride down to the coast.

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