Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Man Cave

After the ‘involved’ removal of the BMW’s battery we need to send the dogs out for hunt for a replacement. YUASA batteries can be found plentiful in Phnom Penh, the majority are copies,fakes, cheaply made in China, not the real deal. However, the complex electronics and the amperage requirements of the BMW GS would not cooperate with a poorly made battery, whether it says YUASA on the box, or not.

In short, finding the correct battery here in this part of the world will be a challenge. Unfortunately the times are past when one could simply take a relatively small battery like this, easily purchased in the US, on a plane ride half way across the globe. Nope, sorry, one wouldn't get to far in the process.
We took the old battery to Dave’s friends to the ‘Man Cave’, spend a few hours there waiting whether the boys could locate one, and heard back by phone that they found one, THE ONLY ONE in Cambodia!, at the local YUASA distributor! Wow! Good news!

The new battery gets filled, my Christmas present for the motorcycle!

The battery gets filled, quickly charged and we are heading back to the house to put it in.

The motorcycle starts right up, the sound of the pearly gate bells!          

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