Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ridin' to get some fresh air

After ten days in the capital of Cambodia I noticed that the carbon oxide and dioxide levels in my blood stream reached dangerously high levels; I decided to get some fresh air and head out to the countryside. I will pack up and leave this morning but not without placing a few Phnom Penh typical photos on the blog.

Baguette, as good as in Paris, France.

Phnom Penh, Central Market

BBQ: Every conceivable animal part

Good breakfast, a break from rice poree or glass noodle soup

Merry Christmas from the Angkor brewery

Very cool bar

I am glad that Yorng, my tuk-tuk friend took the damaged BMW auxiliary light housing to the “thermoplastic resin artists” here in the city, guys who can literally repair any damaged body panel or other plastic parts on automobiles or motorcycles. We in the West would need to throw it on the landfill, buying a new, expensive OEM part instead.

The structural frame of this light got damaged in January of this year when I rode into a hotel lobby to safely park the bike. A new light would be in the hundreds of dollars, the repair to “factory standards”, almost invisible, beautifully done was $3.00. Amazing.

On the more negative side of things, I haven’t heard news from the shipping company in Bangkok yet, which makes me slightly nervous. Oh, and also, I got my old Samsung smart phone stolen last evening. I don’t know how and when. Also an artist, different kind.

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