Saturday, December 28, 2013

11. BMW in Phnom Penh

BMW must have high hopes for the Cambodian market. There is a brand new car dealership here in town, located in an excellent new building, designed to BMW corporate ID standards. They are open since end of November 2013. The staff just returned from a training session in Singapore. They are called BMW PREMIUM Auto Cambodia.

 I paid a visit today, partly out of curiosity, but also since I need new tires soon, and tires for big motorcycles are almost impossible to find here. (Actually, I found a matching pair of MICHELIN tires today at a shop near the Russian Market, but these were road/racing tires, not dual sport or enduro.)

Unfortunately, PREMIUM BMW was unable to help. Car tires only. The motorcycle division is in the works for an opening in 2015.

Ms. Kanary, the smart sales manager

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