Saturday, December 14, 2013

43. Motorcycle Customization

Like their counterparts in the car department (think customized HONDA Accord cars for -illegal in the U.S.- street racing with souped up engines - LEXUS V6, maybe? - there is a lively scene of riders in Asia who just love to have customized motorcycles. 

Of course the first intervention has to be adding a racing exhaust; even some BMW R1200 GS ADV riders think it is crucial to change the OEM BMW exhaust for an Akrapovic racing exhaust, mainly for a better sound. But it doesn't stop there. Somewhere I read that for Harley-Davidson motorcycles alone there is an aftermarket customization industry churning some 2 billion dollars each year in custom accessories worldwide. I don't know the statistics of what people change the most, but I bet the hit list is something like this:

1. Exhaust
2. Suspension/Rear main spring
3. Engine management (Fuel mapping etc.)
3. Paint scheme, fairing, carbon parts
4. Clutch
5. Brakes

Here some images of the great people working in the local motorcycle tuning shops. They are all young, under 30, where are the older guys? I don't know.

Taking a break and watching TV.

Once I visited the Harley-Davidson dealership in El Paso, Texas, although I am not a HD fan. But the shear size of this business which claims to have the largest selection of HD motorcycles in the world interested me. Here, halfway around the globe, I see a gas bottle delivery rider in front of me wearing a Barnett T-shirt. No, his is not a Harley, or is it? I'm not sure, it looks a little bit like one.

 With a few last images and greetings from Pattaya I will move on towards the Thai-Cambodia border tomorrow, continuing southbound.

These pancakes look delicious.
But when I see the amount of butter she puts on them at the end I have to give it a pass.

A store with something for everyone.

Merry Christmas! Maybe you find a motorcycle customization kit under your tree!

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