Monday, December 30, 2013

13. One-Hundred-Thousand

Today the paper (Phnom Penh Post) reported that yesterday, Sunday, when I took the videos, 100,000 people were on the street, mostly garment factory workers, demanding a salary which is seen to be the bare minimum to survive: $160. 

The first factories had to be closed today, Monday. 

There is a lot of military camping out near their vehicles near where I live at Chaktomuk Conference Hall (Landmark building. designed by famous Cambodian architect Vann Molyvann. I will come back to architecture tomorrow.)

They are in full battle gear, and armed, and stay near their vehicles overnight, ready for anything.

In the meantime I am still strolling through this fascinating city, I haven't moved the motorcycle in several days now, and I haven't rented a scooter either. Walking is just more what I prefer here, and it works. Sometimes, rarely, I hail down a motorcycle taxi. 

My hunt for fitting tires is still unsuccessful, and I make first arrangements to briefly leave the country for Thailand to try my luck there. I hope, and I am pretty sure, that I will find fitting tires there, capitalism and trade is more developed in that nation, and sometimes it has it's advantages.

All kinds of tires can be had here, except the ones I need.

I thought I needed a more official looking sun hat, and I joined the Royal Cambodian Immigration Police. You see me getting my new hat fitted in the pictures below. 

Have fun.

The new badge: Immigration Police

And a very nice BMW R60 (1957-69) T-shirt.

Freaky fellows wishing Merry Christmas!

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