Friday, December 13, 2013

42. Pattaya

Temporarily changing motorcycles maybe a good idea.

In a city like this with probably a trillion scooters competing for winning the race out of each red stop light, I thought it prudent, and convenient, to switch motorcycles. Parking, riding, grocery shopping is just so much easier on a little, fast 125cc HONDA scooter. The image above shows me waiting for the green light. I know already that I will loose this race again, since I am -as you may see- not in the pole position. The Mercedes-Benz controvertible in the picture, will not even compete. He/she knows that his/her's isn't the initially fastest vehicle here. These automatic-gear scooters accelerate quiet quickly. Mine goes easily over 120 kmh, doing this with minimal fuel requirements.

Just hanging out here, walking the streets and taking pictures, and riding this little scooter. Here are a few images of cats, dogs, dogs on bikes, and funny motorcycles.

Little shrine, open-air bar and motorcycle taxi business.

The restaurant cat.
Interesting business; Barber-Foot Massage & Scooter Repair, also selling telephone SIM cards.

...and a gas station. (Gasoline is in the Thai whiskey bottles. 40 Baht/liter.)

The store cat on a leash.

All on board, let's go!

Thai flower garlands

To pay respect to Buddha, or just to have some extra "Good luck" charm in your vehicle for a longer trip, or simply to decorate the home, people buy freshly made jasmine flower garlands. They are made every day in the morning, and discarded in the evening. The jasmine and roses look beautiful. I watched the lady and her kids making those. Very skillful.

The smallest motorcycle I have seen, and ultra-fast.

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