Monday, December 23, 2013

6. Goodbye Sihanoukville

With a few images I like so say 'Goodbye' to Sihanoukville. 

Tomorrow morning I will leave for Kirirom National Park, around halfway between here and Phnom Penh. The overnight stop at the only lodge at the park isn't really necessary since the direct ride to the capital of Cambodia would only be around 4.5 hours, but I was at the park before, and liked it's remoteness. Also, I still remember the big, man-sized chimpanzee who sat next to me at the breakfast table (really), eating the marmalade out of the packages I left on the table.  Let's see whether he is still around. 

It should be fun.

My last visit was during the rainy season, and it rained alright. This time the weather is much more pleasant, but it could be chilly riding up the mountains.

I will spend Christmas eve in a very remote mountain location, no seven-course Christmas dinner for me. My choice, entirely.

The gas station.


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