Thursday, December 19, 2013

3. Morning in Sihanoukville

Part of the early morning was spent to prepare an envelope with copies of my Cambodian Visa, copy of the passport, five passport photos, my expired Cambodian Driver's License and the amount of 50$ in cash with a regular bus on a four hour drive to Phnom Penh. My French friend Bernie who owns a motorcycle shop there emailed me already that he received it fine and all the documents were already taken to the Ministry of Transportation. The $50 are used in a variety of ways.

I think it goes like this:
  1. $20 for actual Driver's License, credit card style and format; It will take one month to receive it. In the meantime I can ride with an issued Temporary Permit, a DIN-A-5 size sheet of paper;
  2. $20 for the "friends" at the Ministry to: a) Avoid my Medical Exam (since I am over a certain age limit, and also since I am not physically present in Phnom Penh) b) Avoid the driving exam; c) Avoid the necessity for a 6-month "Business Visa" (approx. $165), necessary for a Driver's License here.
  3. $5 for the bus driver of CAPITOL BUS Co. Ltd., Phnom Penh.
  4. $5 for handling in Phnom Penh, courier service and the "fixer".
The fees quoted in the article of the "Phnom Penh Post" vary, the principle remans the same.

I hope it will work as expected.

Some photo impressions from the life around the market here, and a view pictures of the Police officers waiting for their salary to arrive in the form of a motorcyclist riding without a helmet.

Big fish.

Many military surplus vehicles can be found here.

French style Baguette.

Kite sale.

No Smoking please.

Waiting in the shadow for their prey.

Gotcha! No helmet.


Biker ladies.

French influence can still be seen everywhere.

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