Wednesday, December 25, 2013

9. Kirirom National Park - Phnom Penh

125 km

This is just a final stretch of infamous Highway 4 leading into the capital, passing numerous garment and shoe factories in the industrial belt of the big city. I am glad its over with. You have to look out for pedestrians crossing the highway, the young girls working in the factories during shift change, the school kids after school closes, and the trillion scooters, plus the usual, honking busses, overloaded trucks, and cars. The traffic scenes are amazing.

Again, safely arrived in Phnom Penh, and first things first: I went to see my friend Bernard at his motorcycle shop to pick up my temporary Cambodian motorcycle license, which indeed he had ready for me. The real plastic card arrives in one month from now.

What else is new?

Oh, today was a firefight between Thai and Cambodian forces at the border, how nice! Only one Thai soldier got shot in the leg. It seems that the Thai Army provoked the incident by crossing into Cambodian terrain near the disputed lands at Preah Vihear.

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