Monday, January 5, 2015


From Kep to Kampot it is only a short ride. I didn't stay overnight.

A quick stop to take some last pictures of more 'interesting' Cambodian roundabout sculpture, a visit to the market to talk to the nice, smart salesman where I bought a phone which doesn't work that well, and I should be on my way.

Salt workers monument, Kampot

Monument in honor of Durian, the 'King of Fruits' (smelly, though.

I paid a little extra to have my new/old Samsung phone which I bought a few days ago at this open-air stall  replaced for a new/old LG G Pro. For some reason the Samsung which was a refurbished phone from Korea, made in Vietnam, didn't produce a good signal. It is beyond my understanding how this phone business in Cambodia works, but the new LG I bought looks brand new and works like a charm, except that it has Korean characters and keyboard (No, they can be switched to English, but first I was a little surprised.) I cannot post the price here, but what I spent was ridiculously little.

I continue the ride to Sihanoukville.

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