Monday, January 5, 2015

Short stay in Sihanoukville

I stayed a few days in this Cambodian harbor town before continuing on my last longer ride through the Cambodian country side, from Sihanoukville to the Cambodian-Thai border.

There isn't much to report from here, I stayed in an inexpensive small hotel near Victory Beach, run by a British fellow and his Khmer wife; in the evening I went to a small, nice bar which distinguished itself from others by displaying a German flag. The owner was nice enough so I went there two evenings to have a beer. It turned out that he is originally from Poland, but lived in Germany as a political refugee from, at the time, communist Poland. Now he owns this nice bar.

I hooked up also with Dennis, the electrician from Germany who works in Amsterdam. We did some riding together last year; he keeps an older, beat-up HONDA Transalp in Sihanoukville, ready to ride whenever he visits. We had lunch together and regretted that I could stay that long this time. Maybe next year we plan for a nice, longer off-road ride to Ratanakiri, maybe ten days.

Of course, my breakfasts were taken at 'Douceur de Cambodge', Boulangerie Francaise, this fabulous French-owned bakery owned and operated by Vincent, croissants, baguette to die for.

The French bakery seen on the right of the picture, facing my motorcycle.

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