Sunday, January 25, 2015

NYK Argus Container vessel in route

Quick update on the large container vessel NYK Argus' route after it picked up the motorcycle in Laem Chabang port, south of Bangkok.

The container ship went in short sequence from Bangkok, Thailand, on January 18 to Singapore, the containers were NOT reloaded to another bigger ship, then, surprisingly, the ship went in short order from Singapore to Hongkong to pick up cargo, then to Shanghai were it was moored for two days, now it travels north along the Chinese coast.

If you enlarge the picture you see the little tag, 50 minutes ago was the last recording (January 25, 2015) traveling with a speed of 14 knots (16 mph, 25 km/h), soon reaching the northern tip of Taiwan.

The ship has traveled since my bike was loaded already some 2,500 nautical miles. I think this is amazing.

It is assuring that the tag says: Destination: Los Angeles.

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