Thursday, January 8, 2015

Quiet Seaside Towns in Chantaburi Province

I continue my ride up along the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, final destination Bangkok. The shipping arrangements are still up in the air which makes me increasingly nervous.

But today I just pretend that everything is fine and I stop for the night in a small, quiet seaside town in Chantaburi Province. This is still far enough south from the hectic and incredibly traffic intensive commercial, shipping, industrial and logistics heart of Thailand which starts around 30 km south of Rayong, some 160 km north of where I spend the night..

Here, everything is very quiet, no tourists, the coast and the little towns remind me a lot of my childhood vacations with my parents in Normandy, France. There are the same little shops selling the same beach gear, the colorful air mattresses, swim gear, towels, fishing roads like 50 years ago.

Seafood restaurants everywhere: Crab, prawn, fish

The restaurant where I decide to have dinner has set up the tables in the sand, the fishing boats are already out with their strong flood lights turned on, they can be seen 20 to 30 km off the coast.

Coming home with the daily catch for self-consumption.

My nice beach restaurant, I am one of the five customers, all Thai, except me.

Sand art

The fishermen are out to sea, their boats like a string of green pearls

The food (Chicken with fried cashew nuts, vegetables and rice) is delicious, but despite the two mosquito coils the waitress places under my table in the sand, I get eaten alive. Too bad, I can't enjoy the tasteful dish. It's the first time on this trip that I get bitten by mosquitoes so much. I can't help to think of the little girl at Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital in Kampot, Cambodia who was treated for Dengue fever. The Deep Woods DEET is safely packed away in the panniers of the motorcycle. Oh well. But despite the little critters, it is a wonderful evening at the beach.

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