Friday, January 16, 2015

NYK Argus

The newly built crate has already cleared Thai customs, is loaded LCL ('Less-than-Container-Load') into a container and was trucked to Laem Chabang where it awaits loading on board the container vessel NYK 'Argus', sailing under the flag of Panama, Singapore-bound.

Maybe the motorcycle is in this container I've seen on a road in downtown Bangkok? Who knows.

NYK 'Argus', currently in Singapore.
Will take cargo and sail from Bangkok on January 18, the day of my flight back to the U.S.
This is only a intermediate ship, cargo will be reloaded in Singapore to sail to Long Beach California.
For those curious: Ocean freight from Bangkok to Long Beach CA is a mere $540.-, this amounts to about 4 US Cents/km. (13,500 kilometers)

The way this was handled by Prompt Shipping Company Ltd. in Bangkok can only be described as "perfect". A visit to their offices today on busy Rama IV. Road, a last meeting with Khun Nikorn, the General manager, and all is done and settled.

The NYK 'Argus' sails to the port of Singapore on January 18 where the container will be transferred to an even larger container ship taking the cargo across the pacific to Long Beach, California.

We will see how everything goes with U.S. Customs; it shouldn't be a problem looked at the transaction from a rational standpoint, but Customs isn't rational, sometimes.

The journey will take four weeks, instead of the three months it took to get the motorcycle here.

I paid my bill, say Good Bye! to friendly, professional Khun Nikorn, and head out for even more important issues, such as getting the 'best haircut in the world', from a young tomboy at a salon where I have been before. And taking more pictures, of course.

My wine loving friends from the U.S could probably be found here, I guess.

My architect friends here.

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