Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tomorrow Bangkok

My great trip through three Asian countries comes to a close soon. It is just a mere 130 km to Bangkok now. What a difference to my motorcycle experience last year, and the year before. Then, I immensely enjoyed the freedom to plan my itinerary as I went along, that freedom of time allowed me to stop where ever I liked the scenery, the food, or the people (or everything above). Now, I am under the pressure to fit into a strict bureaucratic schedule, find a customs broker, a shipping company, a crating company, a bonded warehouse, a trucking company, all while trying to negotiate the less than understandable English competency of most of my partners, and stay sane at the same time.

Eventually, it all will work out just fine (I hope.)

For Good Luck I went to the local Wat (Monastery) and asked the monk to give me a blessing for the remainder of the road. I wear my Buddha amulet from Wat Thepthidaram Worawihan (Wat Thepthidaram) on Mahachai Road which I bought two years ago.

Only a few remaining images here, the next bigger blog entry will be when the bike moves into a crate, and my nerves are recovering.

For now just a few remaining impressions from the road.

"I don't like to have my picture taken!"

The catch of today. Look at the eyes: It can't get fresher than this.

FRom New York to L.A., with a sort of Thai Chihuahua.

The head monk who blessed me and my Thai amulet for Good Luck on the road.

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